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Hispanics in the Early History of the USA

Friday, November 3, 6:30 PM
Room: C198
The Graduate Center, CUNY

An Account of the Martyrs in the Provinces of La Florida, Luis Jeronimo de Ore“An Account of the Martyrs in the Provinces of La Florida”

University of New Mexico Press, April 1, 2017
Luis Jerónimo de Oré
Edited and Translated by Raquel Chang-Rodríguez and Nancy Vogeley


Raquel Chang-Rodríguez, The Graduate Center and the City College of the City University of New York

Nancy Vogeley, University of San Francisco

Rolena Adorno, Yale University

Frederick Luciani, Colgate University

Lisa Voigt, The Ohio State University


The Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies,

The Ph.D. Program in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages,

Colonial Latin American Review



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Colombia’s Peace Process (POSTPONED)


Friday, October 20, 4-6 PM
Room 9204/05
The Graduate Center, CUNY

Mary Roldán, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Mary RoldánMary Roldán (Ph.D., Harvard University) holds the Dorothy Epstein Chair in Latin American History at Hunter College and a faculty appointment in Latin American history at the Graduate Center, (CUNY). Her research, writing and teaching interests include: violence, state formation, peace studies, urban history, drug trafficking, and the relationship between media (radio), culture, and public opinion. She serves on the editorial boards of the Latin American Research Review (LARR), Historia Critica (UAndes, Bogotá) and Estudios Sociales (UNacional, Bogotá). She has consulted, screened or worked with a variety government, non-governmental, and cultural institutions including the U.S. Institute of Peace, Social Science Research Council, National Public Radio, Radio Nacional de Colombia, COLCIENCIAS, Banco de la República, and Planeación Nacional (Colombia). Most recently (2013-2014), her research and publications have been adopted as the basis for the historical reconstruction of twentieth century violence in Antioquia, Colombia for the Museo Casa de la Memoria in Medellín, the first museum in Colombia devoted to the memory of the victims of twentieth century violence. She is currently at work on two monographs, Broadcast Nation: Radio, Culture and Politics in Colombia and Acción Cultural Popular: Radio, Development and Catholic Transnationalism in Colombia.


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