Brazilian Democracy and the 2022 Election

April 25, 2022 - 1:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

Daniela Campello is an associate professor of politics and international affairs at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, in Brazil. In the 2021-22 academic year she is a resident fellow at the Wilson Center for International Scholars. Her research lies at the frontier of international and comparative political economy, with a particular focus on the consequences of globalization for domestic politics in emerging economies. Her research has been published in leading political science journals, and she is the author of The Politics of Market Discipline in Latin America (Cambridge University Press, 2015), and co-author of The Volatility Curse (Cambridge University Press, 2020). 

Amy Erica Smith is an associate professor of political science as well as a Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s professor at Iowa State University. In the 2020-22 academic years, she is an Andrew Carnegie Fellow. Her research examines citizenship, democracy, and religion, with a primary focus on Latin America, and especially Brazil. She is author of Religion and Brazilian Democracy: Mobilizing the People of God (2019, Cambridge University Press), as well as many articles in academic outlets and public media.

Demond Arias is Marxe Chair of Western Hemisphere Affairs and professor at Baruch College and the Graduate Center, CUNY. His research focuses on security and politics in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is author of Criminal Enterprises and Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean and Drugs and Democracy in Rio de Janeiro. He is co-editor of cocaine: From Coca Fields to the Streets and Violent Democracies in Latin America. He has worked as a consultant to the Ford Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UNHabitat).


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