Educational Reform and Social Mobility in Chile

March 14, 2005 - 4:30 pm

Florencia Torche, Queens College, CUNY

Jonathan Conning, Hunter College, CUNY

Mauricio Font, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Chile in the mid 1990’s put into effect reforms that set in motion profound changes in the Chilean educational system from pre-school to secondary level of education. However, the question of equity is still pervasive despite the efforts to allocate public and private resources to improve education. This Bildner panel brings together specialists that will appraise the achievements and access the challenges that have resorted from these educational reforms in Chile.

Florencia Torche is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Queens College CUNY, and Associate Researcher at the Center for the Study of Wealth and Inequality, Columbia University. Her research focuses on the processes of inequality reproduction in the occupational, educational, and wealth spheres in different national contexts. She is currently completing a book manuscript entitled Inconsequential Mobility: The Chilean Case in Comparative Perspective. Other projects include a comparative analysis of educational stratification in four Latin American countries, and an analysis of home ownership inequality in Chile.