Elections in Brazil: Challenges for the New Government

October 11, 2006 - 4:00 pm

Lisa Schineller, Sovereign Ratings Department – Standar and Poor’s
Christopher Garman, Director/ Latin American Practice Head – Eurasia Group

Mauricio Font, The Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY

In October, Brazilians will determine the path taken for the next four years as they choose the next President, governors in all 27 states, and a number of senators and deputies. What are the implications for continued processes of reform and economic growth? What policies will see change and what will see continuity? Lisa Schineller and Christopher Garman, drawing from their extensive experience in the region, will help to shed light on these questions.

Lisa Schineller is director in the Sovereign Ratings Department of Standard and Poor’s, responsible for sovereign analysis in the Latin American Group. She is the primary analyst for Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama and Trinidad & Tobago.

Christopher Garman is director and Latin America Practice head for the Eurasia Group. He previously worked for Tendências Consultoria Integrada, Brazil’s largest economic consulting firm, where he was a Senior Political Analyst.