Faust in the Rainforest: Environmental Policy and Strategies in the Amazon

April 8, 2004 - 5:00 pm

David Cleary, Amazon Programme Manager, The Nature Conservancy

The deforestation statistics for the Brazilian Amazon in 2002 were the worst for a generation, and the world’s largest tropical forest is poised at the cusp of a new period of economic growth and growing integration into world markets. The conflict between development and conservation has been reformatted under the Lula government, but is more acute now than ever. This illustrated talk analyzes the dilemmas now facing environmental organizations in the Amazon: oppose development, or attempt to control it?

The evening will be dedicated to the Nature Conservancy founder Richard H. Pough, with an introduction by Bildner Center Director, Mauricio A. Font.

This event is organized in partnership with The Nature Conservancy.