Lula's Second Term (2007-2010): Achievements and Prospects

November 29, 2007 - 4:00 pm

David Fleischer, University of Brasília

This presentation will review President Lula’s reelection in 2006 and his achievements so far in his second term – such as the PAC plan for GDP acceleration and privatization of seven federal highways. In 2007, Lula has also faced challenges – the Renan Calheiros crisis paralyzed the Senate, the STF indictment of 40 persons involved in the Mensalão scandal, difficulties for approval of the CPMF (tax on financial transactions), and the imposition of a party loyalty concept by the TSE/STF that threatens the mandates of some Senators, Deputies and Mayors who switched parties. Prospects for the 2008 municipal and 2010 general elections will be also examined.

David Fleischer holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Florida (1972). He worked in rural extension in Minas Gerais (1962-64) as a Peace Corps Volunteer and returned to the UFMG as a visiting professor (1969-71). Fleischer joined the faculty of the University of Brasília in 1972, where he was Chair of the Dept. of Political Science and International Relations (1985-1989) and member of the University Council (1985-1993). He has held visiting posts at the University of Florida, SUNY-Albany and George Washington University, and has done research and consulting on Legislative Development and Election Systems in Latin America and Africa. Fleischer has published widely on Brazilian politics (Congress, elections, parties and transparency) and North-South Relations. He is also active in political risk analysis and has published the “Brazil Focus” -Weekly Report since mid-1996.