Mexican Foreign Policy During the Fox Administration

October 20, 2004 - 5:00 pm

Arturo Sarukhan, Consul General of Mexico in New York

Current Mexican foreign policy has had to adjust new international environment but also taking into account the domestic political changes since President Vicente Fox key election victory in 2002. This presentation will seek to address how Mexico views the world today and how its foreign policy has considered the international changes.

A Career diplomat, Consul General Arturo Sarukhan joined the Mexican Foreign Service in 1994.His education career includes a BA in International Relations (1988) from El Colegio de México and History from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Recipient of the Fulbright Scholar and Ford Foundation Fellow Scholarships, Mr. Sarukhan received MA’s in U.S. Foreign Policy and in International Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the Johns Hopkins University, in Washington, D.C. (1991). In February 2003, President Vicente Fox appointed Mr. Sarukhan as Consul General of Mexico in New York, where he is serving as of April 14, 2003.