Mexico-Japan:Cultural Contact

November 19, 2019 - 4:00 pm

Room C198
The Graduate Center, CUNY

“Not Quite Lost in Translation: Mexico-Japan Cultural Relations”In this panel Jerry Carlson will discuss the TV series “El Dragon,” a Spanish-language crime drama television series (filmed in Mexico, Japan, Spain, and Miami) created by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte for Televisa and Univision.

Jerry Carlson (Ph.D., University of Chicago) is Director of the Cinema Studies Program in the Department of Media & Communication Arts at The City College, CUNY. He is a specialist in narrative theory, global independent film, and the cinemas of the Americas. Carlson is an active producer, director, and writer with multiple Emmy Awards.

Araceli Tinajero will discuss the Hispanics living in Japan at the moment (particularly Mexicans and Spanish). This is based on her new book, Historia cultural de los hispanohablantes en Japón [A Cultural History of the Spanish Speaking People in Japan].

Araceli Tinajero (Ph.D., Rutgers University) is Professor of Spanish at the Graduate Center and City College of New York, CUNY. Her research interests are Orientalisms, Modernismo, reading history, travel writing and biography, transoceanic studies, Mexican, Caribbean and Latino literatures in comparative perspective. Her most recent publication is Historia cultural de los hispanohablantes en Japón (Artepoetica Press Inc, 2019).

Paul Julian Smith(Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is Distinguished Professor at The Graduate Center, CUNY and Fellow of the British Academy. He is a renowned specialist in the visual culture of Spain and Latin America. Smith’s research on Mexico include the books Amores Perros (2003), Mexican Screen Fiction: Between Cinema and Television (2014), Dramatized Societies: Quality Television in Spain and Mexico (2016), Queer Mexico: Cinema and Television since 2000 (2017), and Multiplatform Media in Mexico: Growth and Change Since 2010 (2019). He was a juror at the Morelia Film Festival in Mexico in 2009, was a regular contributor to Film Quarterly, and is one of the founding editors of the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies.

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